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As you may already have heard, Greece’s nightlife and bar scene are one of a kind.

Greeks love a good night out and make some of the best cocktails in the world, using their fresh produce and local spirits. Enjoy!

It is true, bars in Greece have traditionally been the place to be, if looking for a good night out and the opportunity to go to bed only when the sun has already risen. But during recent years a true revolution has begun in Greece’s vibrant bar scene. Greeks left aside their “whisky and cola” culture and began to discover the magical land of creative mixology. And because we Greeks love our nights out more than anything, this mixology culture spread fast and transformed Athens, to begin with, and the rest of Greece, to follow, into one of the best countries in the world bar-wise, with numerous Greek bars receiving international awards (for example the Athenian bar The Clumsies is rated #6 in the world by the esteemed guide World’s 50 Best Bars and Greek barman Vassilis Kyritsis saw his name amongst the 10 best bartenders in the world in the NY Tales of Cocktails prestigious list). This year Crete was chosen as the destination of an international project called Explore Greece and run by famous French spirit house Remy Cointreau and The Clumsies (mentioned above), which had as its main purpose to make the beauties of the island known to the whole world through internationally famous bartenders who came from NY, China and Singapore only to create cocktails using premium Greek spirit Metaxa and local Cretan produce and herbs.

Cretan tomatoes are famous all over the world, same as the olives and the olive oil, and what about the unique Cretan herbs. Oh yes, if you are looking for cool summer cocktails, classic or with a local twist, this is definitely the place to be. Whether you choose to stay within the premises of your resort or explore nearby villages and cities, you will for sure find a bar to meet your expectations. In Elounda Gulf Villas we pay much attention to detail and we make sure that anything you eat or drink in our restaurants and bar is created using only the best of our local produce or with products from our own gardens. Imagine a classic Bloody Mary created with ripe local tomatoes and lemons from our own lemon trees or a cool Mojito with aromatic spearmint from the resort’s private gardens. In Argo Lounge Bar you can take your pick from a perfectly prepared classic to a sophisticated signature cocktail, all meticulously created by our experienced bar team. Either you desire a midday refreshing daiquiri with local melon or you are up for a strong strawberry margarita at sunset time or you would prefer a more creative approach from our signature cocktail list late at night, the magical ambiance, the lounge music and the impeccable service in Argo Bar will surely satisfy your taste and mood. And if, as you are reading these lines at this moment, you have a sudden cocktail crave, no problem! Here is the recipe to a cool mojito with a Greek twist:

 The Greek Mojito

-2 teaspoons brown sugar

-10ml fresh lemon juice

-40 ml Greek mastiha spirit

-20 ml white rum

-soda water


-fresh spearmint leaves

Put the sugar, the lemon juice and the spearmint in a tall glass and crush them with a muddler. Half fill the glass with soda and add the ice (preferably crushed). Add the mastiha spirit and the rum, garnish with one or two spearmint leaves.


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