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Why share paradise, when you can have it all to yourself?


Let’s be honest; you are already fantasising about your summer vacation and you know that it doesn’t get much better than holidays in Greece, and it surely can’t get dreamier than spending those holidays on the enchanting island of Crete. Crete is the country’s largest and most significant island, it boasts of its history beginning from ancient times and finding its way to contemporary Crete, it showcases intriguing monuments and antiquities, it displays an astonishing 1,047 km of coastline with over 600 breathtaking beaches, it is considered worldwide a foodie-paradise and it offers more than 300 sunny days per year. “Ok, where do I have to sign?”, you’re thinking, but wait it gets even better, at least if you are a good planner.

As Crete is the southernmost island of Greece, summer never seems to abandon this enormous piece of floating land, which makes it an amazing place to visit during early summer months, taking advantage of all the perks that go hand in hand with this early holiday season. Here we, the family of Elounda Gulf Villas, have been spending our summers on Crete for over three generations now and we have some serious inside info to share: May and June are by far two of the best months to book your stay, and we will explain why, right away.

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First of all, for all us Greeks the summer begins and ends in August; this is when most of us are able to get some time off work, this is, along with July, the hottest summer month, and basically it has been written in our hard drives for generations now that “August is holiday time”. That means that August is the time when half the country “migrates” to the islands, and it can get really really crowdy.

Of course, Crete is an extremely large island and people can be easily spread around, but it always raises the question “Why share paradise, when you can have it all to yourself? May and June are the perfect months to explore the heavenly beaches, to visit the off the beaten track villages, to frequent the hotspots and the “musts”, to literally inhale the beauty of this vast island with the serenity and the cool tempo it deserves.

Extra to the above, and very importantly, in early summer months, such as April, May and June, the weather is absolutely perfect, as days are warm and bright. The sun is shinning strong, but not sunburn-strong, and the wild winds of August (the well know meltemia) are not yet here. Lastly prices are significantly lower in early summer months, which combined with Special Offers can mean a great deal of saving.

So, as it is known that the early bird catches the worm, plan ahead and book the holidays of a lifetime on the amazing island of Crete. Allow the mesmerising setting of Elounda Gulf Villas to become your perfect springboard and explore our island at your own relaxing pace. Visit our Special Offers section and choose between our Pool Suites, our Luxury Pool Villas, our Spa Pool Villas, or our Royal and Seafront Villa, the place you would like to call home for the beginning of this summer.

Let our experienced concierge team organise a sailing excursion or a boat trip to Spinalonga for a memorable adventure, sample authentic Cretan dishes in Argo Restaurant or treat yourself to a fine-dining experience at the elegant Daphni Restaurant, come to know the true meaning of relaxing in the Elixir Spa Gallery, and trust us to make sure you will get the most out of the days and nights you will choose to spend on our island.






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