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Easter in Greece


This year, century-old customs and traditions meet the perfect late April weather on the island of Crete, as Orthodox and Catholic Easter find themselves just one week apart.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a religious person or not, Easter in Greece acquires a unique charm and a sense of inner peace that no one can resist. Especially this year, with Resurrection Sunday (Πάσχα [Pascha] in Greek) landing perfectly on the 28th of April for Orthodox and on the 21st of April for Catholics, one can get to experience first hand one of the greatest celebrations of Christianity in the most ideal of weather conditions. Afterall, on the island of Crete, the southernmost point of Greece, late April is practically summer.

So, it is with great honour that we, the people of Elounda Gulf Villas, invite you to join us and allow us to introduce you to the mystical experience of an authentic Orthodox Easter.

Our opening date is set for the 14th of April (we could choose the 1st, but we didn’t want to risk an April Fool’s hoax!) and our Easter Celebration packages include all related activities. Choose the setting of one of our jaw-dropping Villas and Suites and get to know first hand the Holy Week rituals as they take place in Elounda.

The kneading of the “tsoureki” (a type of Greek brioche with mastic and machlepi) and the dying of the Easter eggs on Maundy Thursday, the touching picture of women decorating the Epitaphios (the deathbed of Jesus Christ) with beautiful fresh flowers and of the men carrying it around the streets of the village on the night of Good Friday, the preparation of the “magiritsa”(a type of tripe and herb sour soup), the red egg cracking and the fireworks on Easter Saturday night with all people hugging and kissing and blessing each other in front of the church, the more than lavish Easter table on Resurrection Sunday on which faithful Christians are allowed to eat meat and dairy again after 40 days of fasting; all of the above are only some of the amazing pieces that put together the unique experience of Easter in Greece, but in Elounda Gulf Villas there is more.

There is the endless blue of the sea meeting the cloudless sky just outside your window and above your private pool, the warm beams of the April sun kissing you “good morning” as you step onto your private terrace or garden, the amazing hands of our experienced therapists at the Elixir Spa doing wonders on your stressed body and relaxing your tired mind, the fun and creative activities prepared for your children at the EGV Cool Kids’ Club, such as egg hunting and egg dying, so that they can be amused and learn all about Orthodox and Catholic Easter traditions in the most fun of ways, the traditional tsoureki and kaltsounia, the red eggs and the chocolate bunnies awaiting your arrival in your amazing room, the truthful and heartfelt smile on the face of every member of our team, working 24/7 in order to guarantee you a memorable stay in Greece.

Happy Easter to all!




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