EloundaGulf EGV Club Benefits

EloundaGulf EGV Club Benefits

Booking at Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites, you probably already know the unparallel services you get to enjoy while staying here. We take great pride in the pampering of our guests. The family-owned Elounda Gulf wants all its guest to relax and unwind, while receiving the best Crete has to offer.


Building on our aim for personalized, bespoke concierge services all guests that have stayed at least one night are granted the EGV Club membership, entering a family of exclusive privileges and taylormade amenities. We strive to learn your needs and habits, so that every time you choose to stay at Elounda, we can make your stay feel like home. Putting your privacy above all else, we take note in your favourite dishes, personal preferences and what your interests are, so next time you visit us we can provide even more custom-made benefits and services.


We take note of your personal preferences for pillows, bathrobes, what your daily newspaper is, if there are any special dietary requirements or your favourite spa treatments. We love to welcome you at your Villa or Suite with your drink of choice and your preferred music in the background, but also offer you complimentary excursions, special amenities of kids toys while you stay.


But going the privileges of the EGV Club a step further we’ve created a special customer service email ( egvclub@eloundavillas.com ) to provide you with all these tailored benefits even from afar, plus offer you even bigger reductions on current offers and reserve your Villa or Suite of choice.

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