Holidays is what you make it!

Holidays is what you make it!

Holidays is what you make it! And usually they'reeven better when friends are involved. At Elounda Gulf Villas families with small children will love hanging out, couples can explore the local village together, or friends can just unwind and sunbathe by the pool.

At Elounda Gulf Villas we know your holiday is important. For us, it’s not about new customers but making new friends, who enjoy their holidays in Crete.


This has always been the case with Elounda Gulf Villas. Away from the hustle and bustle, we focus on getting the details right, so you can concentrate on having a good time and when we see people visiting year after year, it’s like magic!

So we thought, how can we help that magic to continue? How do we make it easy for our guests to meet each other and get ideas and recommendations? The answer was easy... Let’s share our everyday life at Elounda Gulf Villas and get the conversation going.

So next time you see something beautiful, experience something outstanding or simply enjoy your stay by your private pool, feel free to share it with us and other guests using #EloundaGulfVIllas and showcase your holiday. 

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