World Luxury Hotel Awards

World Luxury Hotel Awards

Sometimes just being nominated for a prestigious award is honor enough. Imagine our joy when the name of Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites was announces as one of the 2015 winners of the prestigious World Luxury Hotel Awards, the often called “Oscars of the hotel industry”.

In an elegant Gala, the annual World Luxury Hotel Awards Ceremony took place in Hong Kong, drawing all the hospitality industry’s elite, including hundreds CEO’s, Managing Directors, General Managers and Marketing Directors of the most prestigious hotels around the globe.

It was a great pleasure to stand on stage and receive the award for Europe’s top Luxury Villa Resort, giving us an opportunity to showcase our expertise and, at the same time, get to know better the other leaders of the luxury hospitality industry that we are so proudly part of.

The media was, as always, eager to report on the World Luxury Hotel Awards, with world-class publications, international networks and regional news outlets covering the Gala.

This award for us is a recognition, from undisputed and unbiased experts of our hard efforts to provide our guests with the best stay and offer them relaxing and memorable holidays, at Elounda, Greece.


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