Your milk & honey Honeymoon at Elounda

Your milk & honey Honeymoon at Elounda

Your honeymoon is the first holiday the newly-wed couple share, and it should be the most unforgettable vacation each of you have ever experienced, as it signifies the beginning of your joint life together.

And as weddings are essentially the celebration of the married couple surrounded by their beloved friends and family, a honeymoon is perhaps even more special, being the time when newlyweds can enjoy each other’s company, away from all the noise and banter.

At Elounda Gulf Villas, our location and facilities constitute the dreamy essence of a magical honeymoon. Newlyweds should rest assured that their honeymoon expectations are fulfilled to the brim: a beautiful natural landscape, stylish and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, luxurious amenities with guaranteed privacy for utter relaxation, making it the ultimate romantic travel experience for an intimate getaway with your other half.

The scenery at Elounda Gulf is positively breath-taking, offering exquisite views of natural beauty and azure waters as far as the eye can see... 

Gaze into a beautiful horizon of the deep blue sea of the Mirabello Gulf in the morning - the spectacular sunrise will instantly invigorate the senses while you and your newly betrothed will get lost in the sunset hues that adorn the evening sky at dusk.

Our outstanding 18 pool villas and suites will be the setting of your romantic honeymoon retreat. Our guests can have the best of both worlds as we provide the autonomy of luxe villa accommodation, with the amenities of a boutique hotel.

Elegantly designed with splashes of luxury, couples will particularly enjoy our Massage Suite, or the Imperial Spa Villa, each featuring private heated pools, in addition to personal massage and spa facilities therein. Spa treatments, sauna and steam baths are either performed in the privacy of your Spa Pool Suite or at our Elixir Spa Gallery, with the aim of absolute relaxation.

At Elounda Gulf Villas honeymooners can completely rejuvenate their senses in complete privacy for their entire stay.

Our degustation amenities include a number of in-house restaurants to give our distinguished guests options to choose from. However, as a honeymoon special, private dining with a personal chef can be arranged for the in-villa dining, making the amorous couple feel like...royalty!

Furthermore, as much as we want our privileged guests to enjoy the gorgeous environment and ambience we have created for them, as part of our excellent levels of service and commitment to high standards of hospitality, we give our clients the chance to explore the beautiful surroundings of close-by coves and pristine beaches by private sailing with personalised itineraries on request. Newly-weds can also...soar among the clouds, metaphorically and literally, living a unique experience with private day trips by helicopter.

Whether you need to wind down with pampering spa treatments, appease your taste palate, get lost in mesmerizing views overlooking a glistening sea, soak up the sun, get the urge for a bit of an adventure or just revel in each other's company in a luxurious romantic safe-haven, experience, then this is your honeymoon destination.

Simply surrender to pleasure our romantic serene environment.

Indulge in our views, our treatments, our hospitality. Share unforgettable intimate moments on our first holiday together.

Your honeymoon is in expert hands.

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