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Event in honour of Award winning British author, Victoria Hislop


On the 23rd August, Elounda Gulf Villas were the proud hosts of an exclusive event in honour of Award winning British author, Victoria Hislop, who presented her international best seller, ‘The Island’.

Ms. Hislop was excited to address the guests of EGV who were thrilled to have the opportunity to interact with the talented writer and were quite engaged, showing great interest in her work. Ms. Hislop cordially answered guests’ questions with regards to her novel, as well as being open to share her thoughts about her source of inspiration behind the book, the island of Spinalonga and her writing techniques in general. She mentioned that it takes her approximately 3 years to write a book and that the most important ingredient for doing so is being passionate about writing! She also shared some personal information regarding literature in general, such as that one of the books that influenced her was Emily Brontë’s ‘Wuthering Heights’, and that her favourite childhood author was Anne Fine.

An ardent lover of the Mediterranean and Greece especially, she informed us that she very much enjoys writing about it. She has learned to speak Greek quite well, and even signed copies of ‘The Island’ for our guests in perfect Greek! In fact, her most recent novel, ‘Postcards from Greece’ is the Sunday Times number 1 best seller.

The wonderful ambiance of the event was enhanced by the live piano music that accompanied Ms. Hislop’s presentation, as well as the champagne and canapés that were offered to all attendees. Ms Hislop enjoyed it at Elounda Gulf Villas so much that she was eager to renew her ‘date’ for the next event while speaking to the owners of EGV! We wish to thank her dearly for gracing us with her presence and for her trust in our hospitality.

Some information regarding the novel ‘The Island’ and Spinalonga, the isle that the book is about:

-An International bestseller, selling more than two million copies worldwide and multiple award winning, including Newcomer of the Year at the 2007 British Book Awards.
– Translated in over twenty languages.
– Inspired the Greek television series that Ms. Hislop actively participated in the entire process with ideas, suggestions and observations.
– Spinalonga island is located in the Gulf of Elounda, opposite Elounda Gulf Villas and is a popular historical attraction.
– More about the island by reading our post on Spinalonga island and its intriguing history.

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