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Exploring soul-stirring Spinalonga


Just off the coast of Crete and embraced by the Aegean Sea lies the isle of Spinalonga, with a fascinating and evocative history that dates to the 16th century. Ruins of a former leper colony, a
Venetian castle and a handful of sandy beaches are all situated on this island, which is easily reachable by the sea, during a unique Elounda Gulf Villas experience that’s sure to remain unforgettable!

Choose your craft and set off on your journey via the sparkling, sapphire waters off the Cretan shoreline. A sailboat is a wonderful option for an idyllic adventure, whereas a yachting trip is such a luxurious way to discover a new destination. For a truly authentic experience, opt for a traditional “kaiki”; this is how islanders reached Spinalonga in days of old, after all!

The moment you reach the shore, the island is sure to beckon you to discover its many sights. This destination was once a peninsula, separated from the mainland by the Venetians in 1579, who wished to turn it into a stronghold; now, a castle is all that remains from their years spent here. Scenes from Spinalonga’s long and varied past to come to life before your very eyes. The history of the abandoned leper colony, which was the last one to remain in Europe and once housed the entire stricken population of Greece, is so touching that it inspired “The Island,” a best-selling novel which keeps readers rooted to their seats with a gripping story of love and tragedy. Its author, Victoria Hislop, a friend of EGV, has visited our hotel on multiple occasions for book signing sessions and long interesting discussions with our guests.

After this personalised tour and retelling of the story of Spinalonga, enjoy a refreshing dip in the crystalline waters of one if its lovely, pebbly beaches, where a picnic will await on the shore, prepared to suit your tastes! Feel the sun on your skin and the sand between your toes after a day of exploring… The essence of a true getaway is a chance to discover something completely new to you, and that’s just what we wish to offer with the memorable experience of a visit to Spinalonga!

On your next visit to Elounda Gulf Villas, embark on your own journey to enjoy the beauty and culture that surrounds our hotel through an experience made just for you!

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