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Family Holidays at EGV


The most precious time in this world is the time we spend with our family, but also the time we take to relax and enjoy some treasured moments with our better half. In Elounda Gulf Villas we make sure you can have it all!

Let’s be honest, most of us work extremely hard all year round and most of the time we find ourselves torn between the need to be a good parent, a good spouse, a good friend, a good son or daughter, a good worker, a good person. There is no reason to lie to ourselves, our holidays are precious; they are the only time during the year that we get to choose how to spend our time, and we want to do it all! We crave to enjoy some quality time with our children, to hug them and hold them, and play with them, and teach them cool stuff and be with them, and at the exact same moment we desperately need some me-time and some us-time. So, does that make us bad parents? Of course not! We should never forget that a happy parent is a good parent. That is exactly why the dedicated team of Elounda Gulf Villas has made sure that here, on the beautiful island of Crete and at the jaw-dropping scenery of Elounda, you can have it all; family time and you-time all in one luxurious resort.

So, just to get started, do explore our Deluxe Family Suites, our Luxury Pool Villas and our Spa Pool Villas, all designed specially to host smaller or larger families, along with au pair or nanny, if travelling with you. And do not worry if your toddler can’t swim yet, as transparent fences can be placed around the villas’ private pools for extra safety, if you wish so. At the same time, there is no need for you to bring along all your “household on wheels”, as we can provide you anything you desire; from strollers and high-chairs to baby monitoring devices and bottle warmers and from nappies and swim-nappies to baby sunscreen and toys, all you have to do is ask. Please contact our Reservation Department prior to your stay and you will find everything you need upon arrival.

And now let’s get to the really good part! The EGV Cool Kids and Creche Club is here to ensure that you can enjoy some serene quality time with your partner, while your children are having the time of their lives in a safe and caring environment. The Cool Creche Club (4 months – 3 years old) and the Cool Kids Club (4 years -12 years old) have their own, specially designed and state-of-the-art equipped, exclusive facilities and are run by top-qualified childcare specialists, according to WWKC standards. Both operate during three daily sessions and offer children the opportunity to learn, play, socialise and have the best fun ever, during amazing activities such as puppet shows, treasure hunts, balloon games, painting, exploring etc, each one featuring programmes suitable for the age of children present. The Clubs have even got their own menu, so that children can enjoy healthy snacks and learn something about the Greek culinary traditions along the way. And if you need some extra evening help, so that you can enjoy a romantic dinner for two let’s say, then our babysitting service is just a phone-call away, ready to offer you the time and space you so much need and deserve.

We are here to make your holiday a most memorable one, and we promise to do so for you and your whole family, always with a smile!

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