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Nothing says “I love you” better than a surprise getaway for two.


With Saint Valentine’s just around the corner and paper hearts and teddy bears flooding each and every display window you happen to pass by, it seems that nowadays true love needs a little bit more than a single red rose in order to be “properly” celebrated. Things do not matter, what matters the most is time. Time you are willing, or even better eager, to spend with your loved one, building unique memories to be treasured for life; that is what love is all about. “And how can one achieve the “gift of time” in this frantic world?”, one could ask. The answer is easy: holidays for two in your very own private paradise on the awe-inspiring island of Crete. Afterall, we all know that traveling is an inalienable part of romance, and who could argue with that?

Now just take one moment to close your eyes and allow your mind to fly you all the way to the southernmost part of Greece, Crete, and more specifically Elounda. Picture her, your better half; she is lying on an oversized daybed, her hair is caressed by the warm beams of the early summer sun, her eyes are closed, and a pleasant breeze is brushing her sun-kissed face. She opens her eyes and looks straight at you, a cool cocktail lies in her hand and her toes are exploring the golden sand beneath her feet, “thank you” she says, but she doesn’t actually mouth the words. She does not need to, because you know.

You know that the moments you spent together in the private pool of your Imperial Spa Pool Villa, gazing at the eternal blue of the Greek sea, the hours you cherished lying in each other’s arms on the king-sized bed talking about everything and nothing, the amazing dinner you shared in the elegant setting of Daphni Restaurant under the moonlight, savouring eye-catching dishes prepared with the utmost care and the just-harvested local ingredients, all these treasured moments are going to follow you for life.

“Remember” she will say in the years to come, “that sailing trip we took to Spinalonga. How they had prepared us that lavish picnic and we swam, just the two of us, in that small magical cove? It was like you and me were the only people in the world”. And you will nod and remember how she was, then and now, the most beautiful woman on earth. Because the time you spent together was more important than any other present you could have ever offered her.

So, either you do believe in Valentine’s day or not, there is always a reason to celebrate true love. Either it is your anniversary, your honeymoon, the time to “pop the question”, or just the need to spend leisure time together with nothing else to do than to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest, the dreamlike suites and villas of our elegant, award-wining resort are awaiting to become your home away from home. Do take advantage of our special early booking offers and take your pick between our Deluxe Suites, our Elounda Suites with Private Pool, our Elounda Luxury Pool Villas or our Spa Pool Villas and offer her -and yourself- an experience you will never forget. Afterall, you both deserve it…



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