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Your next romantic retreat awaits in Elounda. In light of St. Valentine’s Day, we share our most romantic set-up that guarantees to immerse you and your beloved into the Elounda pools of love! Here you will enter a realm of romance, as you become enveloped in each other’s embrace. Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites is a place that amplifies your love, as long as you choose it for your next romantic getaway.

Stay in a romantic setting
… that is designed to harbour your most intimate moments, dressing them in breathtaking vistas, exceptional facilities and impeccable service. Since you are on a romantic getaway, you will want to spend as much time as possible in the privacy of your quarters. In fact, you will rarely want to leave the Massage Suite with Private Heated Pool with its floor to ceiling windows that allow the breathtaking sea views over Mirabello gulf to pour into your bedroom. The private, infinity pool is heated in the Spring and post Summer, allowing you to use it even at night. We have gone as far as fitting it with the extra night light mechanism feature, giving you a choice of over 30 colour settings, to match your mood. But why do we call it a Massage Suite, you may ask. Well, the suite has a private massage room with a steam bath, and you can arrange for in room treatments by our Elixir Elounda Spa experts.

Taste what love feels like
… and surrender to the full bodied and refined flavours of delectable Cretan gastronomy. In Greece we have a saying: “ο έρωτας περνάει απο το στομάχι”. Its literal translation is, “love passes through the stomach”, and its meaning is that eating well mimics the feeling of being in love. And it is very fitting in our case! Dedicated to superior dining, our culinary experts prepare a hearty feast that will tickle all of your senses. Our bonafide recipes are prepared with the greatest of care and by using only the freshest, most fragrant of local ingredients. Whether you choose to dine at one of our three restaurants, or go for the more intimate options one thing is for certain; you will dine like kings and queens. If you are feeling like you would rather remain more isolated, choose private dining brought to you by our room service, or, for more special circumstances, you may go for private in villa dining where our chefs cook just for you and you are served a superb meal on your suite’s terrace, under the moonlight.

Get lost together
… where all you see is the sea, as far as the eye can see. And for when you do need a change of scenery, we have the perfect antidote to couple introversy. Embark on a sailing trip for a day and feel the exhilaration of the sensation of the wind in your hair, and the sun kissing your skin. Explore the surrounding natural beauties of Elounda by sea and fill your minds with staggering visuals that will remain etched in your mind forever. Sail into happiness and bond over the new experience of touring around Mirabello Gulf, visit the historical island of Spinalonga, dock near secluded coves and approach dazzling beaches for your eyes only. And of course, while you are at it, being at sea during sundown is an unmissable lifetime opportunity. The sun becomes the most talented artist, painting an immaculate sky masterpiece that will flood your souls with the warmest colours of the most exquisite rainbow imaginable.

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