Our Eco-Friendly Hospitality Philosophy

Our vision is to reduce our impact through sustainable practices in maintenance, services, and supply chains.

Less Waste

Recognizing that the hospitality sector needs to come up with new solutions to reduce waste and emissions, at Elounda Gulf Villas in Crete we strive to implement environmentally friendly policies, practices, and products to minimize our impact. For this purpose, we use only chemical-free and biodegradable cleaning products, natural paint, and laundry bags made of recycling paper, while recycling is a major pillar of our resort’s waste management program.

Switch to Saving Mode

Reducing energy and water consumption is a major sustainability goal of our resort. Automate energy control has been implemented in our villas and suites via electrical systems operated by magnetic keys, while the use of energy-saving light bulbs is always preferred where possible. In addition, we have invested in solar panels for the provision of hot water and automatic garden irrigation systems, while the reuse of the wastewater for garden irrigation is also one of our standard practices. Our guests are also encouraged to opt for a change of towels every other day for greater efficiency and savings.

Respect for the Local Community

Caring for the local community is also a pivotal value that has shaped the hospitality ethos of EGV. Apart from our significant charitable activity, we try to make tangible change and support the local economy in multiple ways by opening job opportunities for the locals in our resort and sustainably sourcing our restaurants’ food from local farms and producers.

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