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Top 10 things to do in Elounda this summer


After booking your dream vacation in Elounda, you get to daydream about all the amazing things to do in Elounda Crete. Having packed your suitcase, ready to be filled with memories upon your return, where do you even start discovering the fascinating destination you have chosen? It is a legitimate challenge to decide where to begin when it comes to the incredible island of Crete. With so many prime locations to explore and a myriad of things to do around Elounda, Crete even an entire summer wouldn’t be enough to tour all its unforgettable beaches, villages and activities — to assist you, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 things to experience while you visit us at Elounda Gulf Villas!

1. Sail to the evocative Spinalonga  One of the most favoured things to do in Elounda is to visit the nearby islet that has a poignant story to tell. Spinalonga is just minutes off the coast of Crete, perfect to be discovered by traditional caique, yacht or sailboat. To set foot on its sands is to be greeted by a crumbling castle with a history that’s inspired a popular page-turner by renowned author Victoria Hislop. Take a stroll among these ruins before enjoying a picnic on its isolated beach.

2. Wander around Fourni Village Crete is known for its charming villages and Fourni is definitely one of them! Under a half-hour drive from the hotel, it’s nestled amongst verdant hills covered in olive trees; once you arrive you’ll quickly realise that it’s comprised of not one, but three settlements of quaint Venetian-style homes surrounded by acres of orchards and vineyards. The area stands out as a home to a handful of centuries-old monasteries — some dating back to the 1500s.

3. Take a stroll in Kritsa  A haven of car-free delight, Kritsa is only a 25-minute drive from Elounda Gulf Villas — but be sure to leave your car in the designated parking area as this is a village you’ll want to tour on foot! The only ‘congestion’ you’ll run into here may be an adorable donkey or two trotting through its narrow alleyways lined with souvenir shops and traditional little cafes, in a place that seems to have appeared right out of a postcard.

4. Navigate the CRETΑquarium One of the most exciting things to do around Elounda, Crete that is absolutely perfect for families. The CRETAquarium is a place of interest to explore with your little ones and make aquatic ‘friends’ along the way! From the caretta caretta turtle to stingrays and sharks, all manner of creatures of the deep reside here, in this peaceful haven of marine life that’s housed at a distance of under an hour from Elounda Gulf Villas.

The CRETAquarium, one of the top things to do in Elounda

5. Taste Crete through its wines One of the most quintessential things to do in Elounda and in all of Crete, is to taste the famed Cretan wines. Oenology is a great part of Cretan culture and it all starts from the vineyard! At Elounda Gulf Villas, we can arrange for you to visit traditional wineries for a tasting, and to get a feel for local wines through each individual variety as you discover the winemaking process from grape to glass.

6. Visit the picturesque Agios Nikolaos A seaside town that’s worth exploring, Agios Nikolaos is just a 15-minute drive from Elounda Gulf Villas and has a life of its own! From walks on its promenade to tours of its art galleries and photos taken from the verdant park overlooking Lake Voulismeni, the beautiful diversions hiding in its paved streets were made to be enjoyed.

The port of Ag. Nikolaos, one of the top things to do in Elounda

7. Be inspired at the El Greco Museum The famed Renaissance painter El Greco is admired all over the world, and his birthplace is located just outside of Heraklion in the village of Fodele! The El Greco Museum is the ideal introduction to his life and work, with a collection of true copies of his most astonishing pieces on display here, just under an hour and a half from Elounda Gulf Villas by car.

8. Dive into Voulisma Beach A Cretan beach that’s reminiscent of an exotic paradise, Voulisma Beach is a cove of golden sands and blue-green waters that’s family friendly and located about 20 minutes away from the hotel. It’s surrounded by rolling cliffs covered in Mediterranean greenery, the perfect place to lay one’s blanket and take in the brilliant sunlight and lulling sound of the waves.

The stunning Voulisma beach, one of the top things to do in Elounda

9. Be part of history at Knossos Palace Crete’s antiquity lives on in the ancient city of Knossos, built thousands of years ago by the Minoans surrounding a palace that’s still partially standing, hinting at a glorious past. Walk along these iconic ruins, dating back to the Neolithic period in 1900 BC, and learn about our island’s early beginnings; this gorgeous destination can be found just an hour’s drive from our hotel!

The remarkable Knossos, one of the top things to do in Elounda.

10. Simply take in the luxuriant joys of your Villa or Suite! Lounging by your privé pool in view of the Aegean Sea, enjoying in-villa meals prepared by your private chef or indulging in a massage below the shade of olive trees… All these wonderful experiences are just part of the pampering in store for you here at Elounda Gulf Villas! Some of the most magical moments await in the sublime comforts of our villas and suites, and it’s our greatest privilege to make your stay with us totally one of a kind.

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