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Yes I Do!


Dreaming of a summer wedding on the beach combined with the perfect honeymoon? Then Elounda Gulf Villas is the location you definitely need to consider!

It is true, every girl, even the most cool and independent one, has dreamt about her perfect wedding at least once in her lifetime. You don’t need to be a fairytale addict to know what you deserve, and you deserve your ideal wedding to be exactly as you have planned it in your head. And let us be realistic, it doesn’t get much better than a wedding on the magical island of Crete, followed by a dreamlike honeymoon in the island’s best luxury boutique Hotel.

Just close your eyes and let your mind fly all the way to the southern Aegean and the breathtaking gulf of Elounda in Crete. Now relax and imagine: you are standing on the beach, your toes are touching the still warm sand, you are dressed in a beautiful white dress and the sun is gently setting its beams before your eyes. Your fingers are caressing the fresh bouquet of Greek flowers and herbs you are holding in your hand and the relaxing sound of the sea constitutes the ideal soundtrack of the event that is just about to begin. You take your first steps towards him, the man of your dreams, the man you said the big “yes” to, your husband to be. You stop, you take a look around, you stare at the crystal blue sea turning gold at sunset and all your loved ones gathered around this amazing beach, just to witness your special day. You inhale deeply and now you know; this is one of those magical moments you will cherish for the rest of your life. You go to him, and it all begins!

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, and we, the people of Elounda Gulf Villas, are here to make sure that everything, every tiny little detail, will be exactly as you have imagined it to be. From the perfect accommodation for you, your families and your friends to the planning of the most romantic wedding service and reception, dinner or beach party by our experienced wedding specialists and from the mouthwatering food prepared by our talented chefs to our specialised concierge team ready to make your any wish come true, from a romantic sailing excursion for two to a relaxing all day spa experience with your bridesmaids, in Elounda Gulf Villas we know how to make fairytales become reality.

And then, when it is all over and your friends and families depart for home, you get to experience your honeymoon and begin your common life together on one of the most breathtaking settings in the world, where turquoise waters surround lacelike sandy beaches and feral rocks crash the mighty waves. Crete is a place of legend and Elounda Gulf Villas is the perfect starting point to begin your exploration.

The only thing you need to say is “Yes I Do” and we will take care of all the rest!

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